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Prajna was established in Exmouth in 1994 by Kevin Palmer based on his spiritual and ethical beliefs.

The shop offers a full range of crystals and fossils and the weird and wonderful. From angels, Buddhas, books, incense to jewellery, fairies, tarot and wicca.

Prajna offers prices which are in line with the shops  beliefs and customers often comment on the exceptional good value of the products.


Our Exmouth retail shop offers a superb selection of crystals from tumblestones to museum pieces. There is an excellent selection of tumblestones including many rare pieces as well as many natural specimens in all different sizes and price ranges, the range is very extensive.

 Gemstone jewellery set in silver is also a speciality including many rare and unusual pieces.

There is also a large selection of mind, body & spirit books, many at 1/2 price or below RRP to help you on your spiritual journey.

Wiccans are also catered for with a display of candles, herbs, oils and alter products.

Angels, cherubs and fairies are available as well as a large selection of nemesis products.

Prajna also stock a wide selection of body piercing jewellery from plain BCRs to expanders and flesh tunnels.

The incense stocked are all tried and tested and recommendations can be given. Prajna stocks over 50 different incense including a large selection of shrinivas sugandhalaya satya sai baba, including nag champa, aastha, superhit, chakra, midnight, sandalwood etc... Other brands include Goloka, nitiraj, stamford and spiritual sky. Sage smudge sticks are also stocked.

  Healing properties of stones

Amethyst: Increasing spirituality, good luck.                   Aventurine: Decision making, staying cool & clear

Bloodstone: Increasing blood flow.                                    Blue lace agate: Floats, calms & clears, frees speach.

Carnelian: Warms & comforts, soothes emotions.        Citrine: Wealth & abundance, opens you up to joy.

Haematite: Revitilsiation, blood flow, solidness.           Jasper(red): Safe travel, assists in helping to move on.

Labradorite: Assists meditation & seeing the unseen. Lithium quartz: Settles & accepts, depression.

Moonstone: Added awareness, initially grounding.       Rock Crystal: Clear insights, amplifies & clarifies.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, contentment.             Rutile quartz: Mind clearer for higher stimulation.

Smokey Quartz: Very grounding, earthly qualities.       Sodalite: Spiritual enhancement, communication.

Tigers eye: Strength, courage & determination.            Tourmaline(black): Protection, deflects negativity.












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