healing properties & useful charts

Herb use for spell craft
Blessed thistle: Vitality, compassion, beauty, protection.
Borage: verbal communication, creating melancholy
Broom: Associated with the act of witchcraft.
Bladderwrack: Money, wealth & abundance spells.
Calamus root: Protection in travel. the home, family & money.
Chamomile: For relaxation, childbirth, aches, stress & healing wounds.
Coltsfoot: Animal rituals & boosts other spells.
Comfrey: protection, safety,money matters & for bone breakages.
Damiana: Psychic abilities, love, to increase drive & a spell strengethener.
Devils shoestring: Stopping poisonous gossip & attracting employment.
Dragons blood: Power spells, vitality & passion.
Elder flowers: Exorcism, sending back evil energy & for banishing negatives.
Elecampane: This herb was sacred to the ancient celts.
Eyebright: Spells for gladness, eyesight & for strengthening the mind.
Ginger root: Heal broken trust, to unite people & emotions.
Hawthorn: To ward off evil spirits & witches. Once regarded as a magical tree, sacred to the fairies and pagan fertility goddesses.
Jasmine flowers: Love, happiness, dispels sadness.
Juniper berries: Burned to break hexes & curses. carried for protection against theft. Sachets can be hung above windows & doors to protect the home against negative influences. Burned in exorcism rites.
Hops: For calming & sedative spells, also used in herbal pillows.
Lavender: To purify. For sleep, insomnia, tension, long life & happiness.
Lemon verbena: Love spells & aura cleansing.
Mountain ash (rowan berries): Burn with incense for spells to increase psychic abilities. For sachets carry the berries for health & add to power & sucess sachets. Scatter for power spells.
Mugwort: protects against evil manifestations, used in exorcisms.
Penny royal: self confidence & home happiness spells.
Red rose petals: love, secrets & promises.
Rue: protection of family, home & property. Banishing the unwanted.
Sandalwood (red): Money, protection, love, health. Highly recommended.
Solomons seal root: To ward off evil. A powerful protector and for success with finances.
St.John's wort: Very versatile herb, good in combinations.
Tonka beans: Spells for drawing desires to you.
Woodruff: Strength & protection. (known as master of the woods)