Crystal healing properties

Healing properties of stones

Amethyst: Increasing spirituality, good luck.         

Aventurine: Decision making, staying cool & clear

Bloodstone: Increasing blood flow.           

Blue lace agate: Floats, calms & clears, frees speech.

Carnelian: Warms & comforts, soothes emotions.  

Citrine: Wealth & abundance, opens you up to joy.

Haematite: Revitilsiation, blood flow, solidness.   

Jasper(red): Safe travel, assists in helping to move on.

Labradorite: Assists meditation & seeing the unseen.

Lithium quartz: Settles & accepts, depression.

Moonstone: Added awareness, initially grounding.    

Rock Crystal: Clear insights, amplifies & clarifies.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, contentment.    

Rutile quartz: Mind clearer for higher stimulation.

Smokey Quartz: Very grounding, earthly qualities.   

Sodalite: Spiritual enhancement, communication.

Tigers eye: Strength, courage & determination.         

Tourmaline(black): Protection, deflects negativity.
Cleansing & charging your stones
If you feel your stones need cleansing use either; incense, smudge sticks, incantations, cleansing water or create a positive environment.
Charge them by placing on quartz clusters or use sunlight or a full moon for a limited time, they also charge excellently in singing bowls.