Spiritual thoughts & ideas

This page is intended for interaction between everyone,  with the aim to widen our understanding of how we can strive to move forward in a more positive and beneficial way. Intentions are to ignite something lying dormant in all of us, to achieve that 'lightbulb' effect.  A good teacher is the catalyst that ignites our 'spark', we all have to witness and not take everything at face value  in order to fully enlighten ourselves.
Personally if someone was to preach to me and tell me this is what I should be doing or give me information saying we come from this place or that place then it will not resonate with me, I need to feel or witness something myself in order for me to have 'the realisation'. So the role of the teacher is to spark something rather than preach. I believe we should be striving to educate ourselves more and at times we are fed pieces of information, through people and through what we see and read, it is then down to us to take notice and act upon the information.
We all should have the freedom to be able to express our spirituality, to be free from our 'false' society which has been created around us. Are we living in a 'free' society today ? How restricted and controlled have we become ? Do we want change ?   It is up to all of us to make a contribution.....
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A friendly positive environment:
We all welcome a positive friendly environment, it is easy to get caught up in everyday life, we are bombarded with negative news and it's s easy for people to point out the negative aspects rather than the positives. Think of how better our environment would be if we were to concentrate on all the positives. By surrounding ourselves with the positive then this again can attract more of the same.